The forums teach hacking any sites and forging documents

“FACTS” decided to check whether everything illegal is really available on the darknet? Download the Tor browser. It already has a special search engine built in. We set the name of one of the online stores known to us in the search. Literally a minute — and there are thousands of offers in front of you: “Spices to any corner of Russia and Ukraine”, “Cocaine is inexpensive”, “A grenade launcher in disassembled form”. There are price tags near some products. Here you can also see an ad for the sale of “fake hryvnia from the printing house “LNR”.

And, by the way, at least a dozen ads about killers caught my eye. For example, they take a job: “We offer a highly paid job for the perpetrators of punitive actions.” They advertise their services: “The participants in the hostilities will perform any work to eliminate competitors or ill-wishers efficiently and on time. The execution period is up to two months.”

You can also get advice on the Darknet.

There are many forums that are created exclusively for communication and exchange of experience. So, on one of the sites we go to the “Poisons” section. We open the first message, which is called “Poison mother-in-law”: “Guys, tell me some poison so that after a few hours there are no traces of it in the body. No kidding, the mother-in-law got it.” Immediately knowledgeable people share with the author of the question recipes for the preparation of such poisons.