Why is a keylogger a threat

If you don’t know that everything you type on your computer’s keyboard is being recorded, you may inadvertently disclose your passwords, credit card numbers, messages, financial account numbers and other confidential information to third parties.

Criminals can use this information to gain access to your accounts even before you know that your confidential data has been stolen.

The keylogger can be located in the computer operating system, at the level of the keyboard software interface, in memory, or be part of the operating system kernel. A keylogger is difficult to detect because it does not always cause tangible problems with the computer, such as slowing down processes or malfunctions. It is not easy to detect even by some antivirus programs, because spyware hides well: it often appears as regular files or traffic, and can also reinstall itself.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself from keyloggers. Constantly updating your operating system, software products and web browsers using the latest security patches should be part of your security solution.